Board OKs gate-locking plan

At the tail end of its meeting this morning, the Metro Board approved the staff plan on locking gates at rail stations and converting ticket machines completely to TAP. In other words, the ticket machines will no longer issue paper tickets with the conversion set to begin in a few more months.

As the Metro staff explains, the gates WILL NOT be locked all at once. Rather, the agency will aim for first locking the gates at the Normandie station on the Purple Line subway in late summer and then subsequently lock the gates in the remainder of the subway stations over the following seven months.

As the process continues, Metro staff will continue to work with other agencies — including Metrolink — on upgrading fare media so that passengers can pass through the gates.

Here is the staff report on the issue.

60 thoughts on “Board OKs gate-locking plan

  1. Hi Bob;

    The decision on the cost of the day pass has yet to be made. The $5 day pass started last summer as a one-year demo. The Board may decide to keep it or go back to $6.

    Steve Hymon
    Editor, The Source

  2. Hi Mike;

    Metro has been working to get Metrolink tickets on TAP. Rest assured, Metrolink customers will not be locked out of the Metro system. For now, here’s what Metro staff is saying about the issue:

    Staff is working with Metrolink to pursue a TAP alternative for Metrolink customers utilizing smart card technology and existing ticket machines that enable Metrolink riders to enter through fare gates. Aligning implementation schedules is critical to the success of the transition.

    Steve Hymon
    Editor, The Source

  3. For what it’s worth, I’m glad that Metro is doing this.

    Transitions are never easy — I should know, my office is currently undergoing a major technology change — but in the long run, it will be for the better.

    I do wish that Metro had gone with gates instead of turnstiles, or even installed gates way back when the Red Line first opened in the 1990s.

    But I do think locking tells Metrolink, Santa Monica, Long Beach, etc. that Metro is serious about TAP and they need to be as well. LADOT will be joining TAP soon.

    There are solutions. RFID paper tickets (yes, they do exist). Station attendants. I’ll even throw in the “Go Ask Tokyo” cliche. Is it wrong to learn from others?

    As for tourists? Put signs up at LAX and Union Station. Travel organizations already include Metro maps in their guides, how hard would it be to include TAP info?

  4. John M. :

    “As for the passengers at 7th/Metro, it seems odd to me that all those generally well-suited people with briefcases would be holders of “paper day passes,” or “transferring.” One man’s thought…”

    A monthly pass on Metrolink, which can cost up to $426 per month, is on a piece of paper. Those well-suited people with briefcases have paid their fare. I know because I have in the past been the proud holder of a Metrolink monthly pass and a casual observer would think that I was avoiding the fare. I certainly was not.

  5. Yeah they are trying to integrate the fare systems of all the 16 transit agency of la county to tap according to the local news.

  6. the problem lies with person with disabiltes who cant tap like what if got
    no mobilty to do so -how can they tap their card

  7. Hey, why don’t you guys allow someone to load a day pass onto their TAP card online? I see 30 and 7 day passes.

  8. I believe it’s because it’s not an immediate upload. If someone bought a day pass online and tried to use the same day, it likely would not work on buses, which don’t get TAP updates until they’re back in the maintenance facility.

    Steve Hymon
    Editor, The Source

  9. Mark,

    Your concerns have and time again, been debunked with the usual “go ask ______ on how they figure that out decades ago.”

  10. I am a casual user of Metrolink and METRO
    I feel I am getting shot in the foot with this.
    How will those on Jury Duty, for example, use this pass when they dob’t know their juror schedule.
    I just want a Day Pass to be made available

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