Metro launches new smartphone app — Android available now, iPhone and iPad next week

Go Metro for Android - Nearby and Nextrip screens

Go Metro on Android: Nearby feature and Nextrip data integrated into bus stops

[UPDATE] We’re still working on the final technical revisions with the Apple Store’s Tech / QA group. Its a day-to-day process, but we hope to have this resolved soon. Thanks for your enthusiasm and we can’t wait to get you the app.
– Lan-Chi Lam (Metro Web & Mobile Manager)

The wait is almost over — after extensive beta-testing, Metro’s new app is available in Android Play (formerly Android Market), and will be available in the Apple App Store next week. The new app – built from the ground-up – is called Go Metro Los Angeles, and is available for iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.

Metro’s first app was a chance for the agency to dip its toe into smartphone technology. This app, however, is a full-fledged effort to marry technology to transit and to make it easier for people to quick get the information they need to travel around town.

Full feature description and more screen shots can be seen on, but here are some highlights:

  • The app is free and is available for download NOW(!) in Android Play, and the Apple App Store next week.
  • The new app was built new from the ground up and will run on Android devices running OS 2.1 and up. On the iPhone and iPad, iOS 3.1 and up is required.
  • The new app can quickly access your location via your phone’s GPS and then show you the closest bus and rail stops. Want the phone to show you, for example, transit stops within 100 feet, 300 or 500 feet of your current location? Just select the distance in the app’s preferences.
Go Metro for Android - Nextrip and scheduled arrivals

Go Metro on Android: Nextrip bus arrivals and scheduled rail arrivals

  • Tap a transit stop on your map and the app will show you Nextrip real-time bus arrival information (if you’re on a cellular or wi-fi network) or scheduled rail arrival times. Not on a cellular network or wi-fi? You still will get a list of scheduled arrival times. By the way, we anticipate that Nextrip real-time rail arrival times will be available later this year.
  • Plan a trip from your location. Metro’s Trip Planner is integrated into the new app. Users can also “favorite” an itinerary.
Go Metro for Android - Trip Plan and Alerts

Go Metro on Android: Plan a trip from your location and select an alert

  • Users can download up to 170 different maps of bus and train routes as well as a bike map — and the maps can be used even when you don’t have any kind of internet connection. If your downloaded map has been updated by Metro, the app will send you an alert so that you can re-download the map within the app.
  • The app allows users to set up and receive alerts for Metro bus and rail, as well as road closures. Service Alerts, Planned Advisories, Destination Discounts, Fare information, Customer Center locations and Lost & Found info are integrated in the app. Alerts and notifications may be turned on and off in the app’s preferences — it’s up to you to decide what you want to receive.
  • Users can save a transit line, bus stop/train station, map or itinerary for fast access. It’s easy to remove and edit your favorites list in the settings part of the app.

Metro wants your feedback and comments to make the app better. Please use our online feedback form. You can also use the app to email Metro’s tech team any bugs you find — this can be done in the “More” section of the app. The app automatically collects your app and OS version to help Metro troubleshoot the problem.

iPhone screen shots after the jump. 

Here are screens for the iPhone app due next week:

Go Metro V2 (iPhone) - Launch and Nearby screen

Go Metro - iPhone: Upon launch, the app will ask for your location. The closest bus stops and rail stations will be pinned on the map.

Go Metro V2 (iPhone) - Stop and Trip Planner screen

Go Metro - iPhone: Clicking on 'Trip From' or 'Trip To' will auto-populate into the Trip Planner

Go Metro V2 (iPhone) - Maps, Alerts, and News

Go Metro - iPhone: Select any Metro map to download and use offline. Get notifications when there is a new Service Alert, Planned Advisory, or I-405 Closure.

Go Metro V2 (iPhone) - Preferences and Favorites

Go Metro - iPhone: Select your walking distance and set other options. Customize your favorites for quick access.

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    The app should work on Ice Cream Sandwich, there are other customers who appear to be successfully using the app on their devices running Ice Cream Sandwich. Would you help us by providing the following information:

  2. Does it crash while installing or launching the app?
  3. Would you please use our developer support email ( and provide your device info?
  4. Unfortunately I cannot find Go Metro – Los Angeles at the App Store. I went to the App Store using my iPhone and did a search, but found no results with the name ‘Go Metro – Los Angeles’
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  5. @iPhone Fanatic,
    We’re still working on the last technical revisions with the App Store. Thanks for your enthusiasm and patience — we can’t wait to get the app out there too.

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