New Metro Rail map


Here’s a map showing the Metro Rail system, including lines and busways under construction — i.e. the Expo Line, Orange Line Extension and Gold Line Foothill Extension.

It was on display for the media this morning and shows how the Metro system is growing. The official new Metro Rail map is in production.

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  1. Is this the one that will be posted at stations? I know there’s a key and the stations aren’t solid, but I hope it doesn’t confuse riders when the Expo line and Gold line abruptly end halfway to their eventual destinations.


  2. How about a map that one could read and see the stops? This map had to come from somewhere. How about the source rather than a cell shot.


  3. With the old maps, I always thought there was a giant, gaping hole that you could drive a truck through north of the Green Line.

    Now, we just have to extend that purple stub out a bit further. And keep filling in the white space.