Renderings of proposed Westwood/VA Station for Westside Subway Extension

In my weekly column yesterday I wrote about the benefits and challenges of the proposed Westwood/VA station for the Westside Subway Extension. Above and below are a couple of preliminary station entrance renderings that I thought readers would like to see.

In the above drawing, that’s Wilshire Boulevard cutting diagonally across the left side of the screen and Bonsall Avenue passes undernearth Wilshire. The stop for Wilshire buses is on the bridge above Bonsall. In the drawing below, Wilshire Boulevard can be glimpsed on the far left and the parking lot for the VA Hospital is on the right.



50 thoughts on “Renderings of proposed Westwood/VA Station for Westside Subway Extension

  1. I echo many of the same complaints others have made about this station, but I do think it would be somewhat redeemable if it were a park and ride station if there is room. If demand warrants, you would charge a few bucks for parking.

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  3. This just seems so poorly sited. Is this really the best location for ridership in that area?

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  6. This is very poor planning. This is like placing a grocery store in the middle of the desert. That site is a wasteland. It is very unattractive and no very appealing to anyone to walk to. There is NOTHING AROUND THAT SITE. The nearest destination to that site is a cemetery and the VA. Why don’t they build it somewhere close to Westwood Village?

  7. As you know the population density just west of the VA is very high. Could you please go into why the station is not being placed closer to Federal so that the large number of people in this community can more easily access the Purple Line?


  8. I agree with the previous comments on the poor choice of location for this entrance. Even though it is a VA stop, it appears that the people who this stop is meant to serve will still have a considerable distance to walk.
    From my experience on the 720 westbound in the morning, I can imagine one reason how there would be that many people at the VA stop: All the people needing to transfer to the 720 for one more stop westbound to Barrington.
    Are there no efforts to gather enough funds for the extra 500ft westwards?

  9. Why is Metro hell-bent on this VA station? Metro has done a good job of letting science and analysis drive planning at other planned stations, even at the contentious Century City site, so why is it getting political here and offering up this impotent non-solution for residents west of the 405? Yes, locals asked for a closer station than Westwood, but the VA station’s physical location doesn’t overcome it’s inferior practicality. It’s not walkable. It’s not park-able. It’s not TOD-able. It’s not even 405-transit-line-connectable. The VA administration would never approve the ROW to connect to it! Metro, do the taxpayers a favor and stop at Westwood. Save the $200 million for a future Federal or Barrington station with VA shuttle service. If not, here’s our future – thousands of potential transit riders driving east on Wilshire, passing a canopy on the shoulder of an overpass, wondering whose brilliant idea that was.

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