Renderings of proposed Westwood/VA Station for Westside Subway Extension

In my weekly column yesterday I wrote about the benefits and challenges of the proposed Westwood/VA station for the Westside Subway Extension. Above and below are a couple of preliminary station entrance renderings that I thought readers would like to see.

In the above drawing, that’s Wilshire Boulevard cutting diagonally across the left side of the screen and Bonsall Avenue passes undernearth Wilshire. The stop for Wilshire buses is on the bridge above Bonsall. In the drawing below, Wilshire Boulevard can be glimpsed on the far left and the parking lot for the VA Hospital is on the right.



50 thoughts on “Renderings of proposed Westwood/VA Station for Westside Subway Extension

  1. Metro is doing some outstanding planning work, and I share everyone’s excitement about the subway. But I have to agree that it’s very hard to understand the rationale for this station. (1) the current ridership is not there, (2) it’s not that convenient to the hospital, (3) there isn’t much prospect for anything besides the hospital being there in the future, (4) people west of the 405 can’t drive there and park to access the subway. Unless putting a station here somehow lays a better foundation for a future extension of the subway or for better connections to other future transit lines, this is not a productive use of scarce transit dollars.

  2. It’s hard for me to think of another Metro Rail station that is located and interfaced with ped/bike/bus access worse than this one. It seems just as bad as a Green Line station, only difference is that the train runs underneath a [quasi]freeway, instead of in its median.

  3. I understand there are questions that this is close to federal land that the VA hospital, i’ve been to this location and having the station be isolated in the middle of that intersection is a terrible way to have the final station. It really should be located near more density at Federal if it can’t be closer the that actual VA hospital. I feel this was the compromised location that has terrible access. I mean look at the crosswalk for the on ramp! What a way to discourage people to walking to the station. I feel the function of this station was sacrificed and was covered up by its nice design. Please tell me we can have it slightly relocated if not have another Portal in a better more accessible location?

  4. I am confused. I thought the whole point of the VA station was as a park and ride at the end of the line. Think of how many people would take the 405, get off on Wilshire West, and park in a gargantuan parking structure right next to the 405 freeway. I thought they were going to build a 10 story parking structure right in the SW cloverleaf that was linked directly to the 405/Wilshire West on/off ramps.

    They have a huge parking structure at Expo/La Cienega for crying out loud. Or do they expect people to take buses to get to the VA stop? If their plan is for commuters to drive to Lot 36 at UCLA, then they are completely missing the point here – why have people drive east into Westwood and create more traffic, when they can just get off the 405 and park immediately?

  5. This looks awful, there’s nothing around here except the hospital. And putting it next to a freeway onramp? Who will walk to this? It makes no sense. These stops should be in the middle of dense pedestrian areas.

  6. As much as I hate that the line stops near the Hospital and not at Bundy, I don’t see what else Metro could do. Given measure R, Wilshire and Federal is as far west they could go. (If that far, while it would still be on VA property, you could hardly call that Westwood). But as has been pointed out above, thats a long ways from the Hospital, thus that won’t really count as a Westwood VA stop. Of course its true that more people would use that stop than the one planned, but its a Federal Veterans Hospital! Aside from our moral obligations regarding veterans now after a decade of war, think of the politics of it. We’re asking the Federal government to help pay for this, and asking them to lend us a bunch more money on top of that. How could we put the “VA” stop 0.4 miles west of the VA Hospital? Plus, the chosen site is more convenient for walking to the Hospital than either of the current bus stops. If they put it right next to the Hospital then bus access would be terrible (west bound buses would have to go under Wilshire).

    Maybe if Measure R included less money for Highways or for the Foot Hill Gold Line, or Crenshaw, or the Connector, or maybe the Expo line should stop at Bundy, then maybe we’d have the perfect Wilshire line. But then maybe measure R wouldn’t of passed and Wilshire and Western would continue to be the end of the line for decades to come.

  7. As a veteren, i think the placement is perfect, lets just build it and get this project going. remember 100% of the people commentating ar bot engineers so leave it to them. the 720 stops int he same place already its only a 4 min walk to my hospital.

  8. I agree with the sentiment here. I had anticipated that this would be an issue with this station. It was inevitable given the layout of the immediate area and the choice to make it hospital centric rather than area centric. But this is worse than I expected for the reasons already stated in many other comments. Getting to this station in any way other than connecting buses will be a hassle, so the bus only lanes had better be well enforced. Also, the bus lanes should be all hours, not just rush hour, its not like that’s the only time when there is heavy traffic on Wilshire. But I digress. I think metro should try to come up with an innovative way to make the station more walkable from points just west. Moving walkways maybe?… Heh, somehow I don’t think that will happen but I thought I’d throw the idea out there anyway.

  9. Not only that, but the VA station violates the station spacing rule for the subway by being just over half a mile from the Westwood station. This was why they dropped the Crenshaw station, yet ridership for this station once the subway continues to Santa Monica is going to be minimal. It doesn’t alleviate traffic at all – not only is there no parking, but no kiss and ride area, so cars will have to either clog up the Bonsall offramp and drop people off on the ramp, or go all the way to Sepulveda to turn around. And what about the people picking up passengers? They are probably going to use the VA parking lot as their waiting lot, causing more traffic and security issues there. Save the $200 million for the extra half mile of subway and the station and just build the tail tracks underneath the 405 freeway instead.

  10. This station is just awful. I know there are going to be some vets who will be able to use it. I’m glad for them, but there’s *nothing* else there. It’s even a long walk for the vets to get to the hospital. All those people in the render aren’t really going to be standing on that sidewalk next to the speeding cars and exhaust. It’s going to be miserable, and won’t convince people from points west to walk to the subway. It might in fact have high ridership in the end, but only because of a forced transfer from buses feeding into it. It would be much better at least at Federal.

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