Updates on locking the gates and Expo Line opening

Two key updates from today’s Metro Board of Director committee meetings:

•Board Member Zev Yaroslavsky directed Metro staff to come up with a plan and timeline for locking the turnstiles at Metro Rail stations. Here’s a staff report about the testing of the locked gates that has taken place over the past several months.

•Metro CEO Art Leahy told Board members that he will have meetings in the next 10 days or so to try to determine an opening date for the Expo Line, which could be as soon as early spring. The opening will depend on several factors, most notably the state Public Utilities Commission approval of the line and local fire and safety officials signing off on the line.

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    • Hi Neal —

      I’m not sure. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s mentioned during the CEO report at the beginning of the meeting. I’ll post anything quickly if there’s news. There’s also a phone in number for board meetings for any members of public or media who want to listen live. Of course, I can’t happen to find the number at the moment, but I’ll put it on the blog early next week.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  1. Berlin, which actively promotes itself as a city for conventions and conferences, accepts conference badges as valid passes during the run of the conference. These have to have a special local transit agency marking, so it isn’t just any conference badge that works, but they do allow attendees to print the badge from home so that public transportation is available from the time that person arrives at the Berlin Airport(s).

    They can do this because they don’t have faregates or turnstiles!

  2. Don’t get your hopes up. All other “opening dates” of the Expo. Line have been CANCELLED! Its for SHOW, not for USE!

  3. On two occasions during the test, I tapped my card at an elevator entrance, only to find the elevator was out of order. At the regular turnstile, tapping produced a message that the card had been recently used and a red light flashed. In a real, locked circumstance, what would happen? Would the gate remain locked with the user legitimately trying to enter being barred, or would the gate open?

    Has a comparison been made between the purported loss of rail revenue and the loss of revenue from out-of-order fare boxes on buses? I would guess that the buses lose more money than the rail stations.

  4. Erik G. makes an interesting point. Because when I visit other cities, I always wait until the last possible minute to make my hotel and air reservations, which makes online mail-order rail pass purchases useless:



    And, should overseas online purchases be unavailable, I’m much too lazy and impatient to walk over to the rail travel desk at the airport rail station:


  5. The ridership figures of the LA Metro Rail system nowadays warrant a need for a closed, gated system. The honor system just doesn’t cut it when it has expanded so much.

  6. Steve: Any further update re the Expo Line Opening. I’m really tired of watching the empty trains pass my car and am anxious for Phase 1 to open — even if it is to La Cienega. You mentioned that you would post a call in number that the public may utilize to listen to Thursday’s Board meeting. Have you located it yet?

    • No updates yet on opening date. But testing is ongoing and seemingly going well.

      The phone-in number is 213-922-6045. Thanks for reminder to post that!

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  7. “The ridership figures of the LA Metro Rail system nowadays warrant a need for a closed, gated system. The honor system just doesn’t cut it when it has expanded so much.”

    @LAX: You do realize that almost none of the Blue, Gold and Expo Line stations will ever be able to have turnstiles, right?

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