Expo Line pre-revenue service to begin Monday

At today’s Metro Board meeting, agency CEO Art Leahy announced that pre-revenue testing for the Expo Line will begin this coming Monday.

The testing is intended to simulate actual service with trains running on a regular schedule, but with no customers on board. Trains will be operating between the Expo Line terminus at 7th/Metro Center and the La Cienega/Jefferson station while work continues on the final station in Culver City.

Although train testing has been ongoing since last spring, there will be a greater frequency of trains running on the Expo tracks at many hours of the day. It is important for pedestrians, motorists and cyclists to remain vigilant around Expo Line tracks and obey all warning signs and traffic signals. Safety is everybody’s job, people.

No opening date for the Expo Line has been announced. I know many of you are eager for the line to open — so are we — and we’ll let you know as soon as there is something to report.


30 thoughts on “Expo Line pre-revenue service to begin Monday

  1. Glad to finally hear that announcement. Now, we just need the “grand opening” announcement for either La Cienega or for Culver City.
    Hey, at least Expo Line to Anime Expo in July should be possible, right?

  2. I think chances are good that it will be open by the 2012 college football season. That way I might be able to take in a few Trojan games. But you never know.

  3. Look to first week of march if no issues come up that would be 5 weeks of pre-revenue and the requirement is 4 weeks

  4. There should be some sort of continuation bus service to take people from La Cienega into Culver City before the final station opens. Ending at La Cienega is sort of out in the middle of a street grid without a city destination.

    Does anyone know of a good connecting bus to get into Downtown Culver City?

  5. Don’t look to anything or circle any dates on the calendar. No opening date has been set yet. We’ll see how the testing goes.

    Steve Hymon
    Editor, The Source

  6. I’m looking at and circling March 1st and telling the world Steve Hymon said it was so! :o) I can’t wait for this line to open.

  7. This is the best news we’ve read about the Expo line in a while. Does this mean the software problem with the switching mechanism with the Blue Line is resolved?

  8. The MTA really needs to open the Expo line, this is concerning that MTA has been waiting so long. Metrorail is a great system, O P E N E X P O L I N E now!

  9. Tell ‘em all you want. And when they come to the website they’ll see my reply: I don’t know when the line is going to open. Testing continues and the decision will be based — huge shock here — on how the testing goes.

    Steve Hymon
    Editor, The Source

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