The temptation at La Cienega Station

Chocoholics are going to love the La Cienega Station once the Expo Line opens. Just imagine standing on the elevated platform, gazing out at the Hollywood sign in the distance, when the wind picks up…and suddenly the smell of chocolate, cream and warm sugar fill the air. Just as you’re starting to drool, you look towards the street and that’s when you see it: the classic black and white façade.

Lucy and Ethel on the candy assembly line at See's Candies. Photo credit: CBS Television.

Just south of the La Cienega Station is a See’s Candies store. See’s Candies, a historical Los Angeles institution of deliciousness, as a great selection of chocolate goodies. The location on La Cienega is also home to one of the nation’s two See’s Candies kitchens, which is where all those divine aromas are coming from. Fun fact about this kitchen: it’s the location where I Love Lucy filmed the famous “Job Switching” episode, in which Lucy attempts to hold down a job at a candy factory and predictably loses control of the situation. (Here’s the full video on the CBS website).

Although the kitchen is not open for tours, you can still visit the store and pick up a box of chocolates for your commute home, or just pop in for a free sample fresh from the kitchen. Go ahead and indulge every time you go Expo, and treat yourself to something sweet.

Home of See's Candies, just down the street from La Cienega Station