22 thoughts on “Expo Line train reaches 7th/Metro station in test run

  1. I, too, would like to see the rail cars’ exteriors spruced up, but I think the not-so-recently announced livery update is sufficient, with one small change: I’ve noticed that the reflective decals on the Red/Purple lines quickly changed color from gleaming white to urban grit. Might I suggest using reflective *black* decals for Metro Rail instead? I’ve seem these in use on cabs and other service vehicles and I think they would stand the test of time better while still adhering to Metro’s visual identity. (Many thanks from a design geek.) :-)

  2. Nice suggestion, but I think the money should be spent for improved signage on platforms very similar to BART that make it clear WHICH train is arriving and at the platform. I can’t tell you how many new users and countless tourists and day trippers are utterly confused just trying to get to Hollywood, and it sure would help the rest of us who have to peer at the tiny joke of a sign on the trains themselves (referring to subway)–which brings up improving the signs on the subway trains themselves. The LRT fleet signs on trains seems adequate.

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