Bus service changes suspended

UPDATE: Metro officials said Friday that the service changes were suspended because a few of the changes needed to be analyzed to determine their impacts on low-income people and minorities. This is required under federal Civil Rights guidelines. Due to staffing and equipment issues, Metro decided Friday that it would be best to implement all of the service changes at once and, therefore, decided to delay them until the analysis of some of the changes was completed.

Here is the news release:

Various bus service changes scheduled to go into place on Sunday, Dec. 11, 2011 have been suspended. All service changes and modification to Metro bus service announced in a Metro news release issued yesterday (Dec. 8, 2011), have been suspended until further notice.

Metro staff apologizes for any inconvenience and confusion cause by the suspension of the proposed changes. Staff over the next several months will conduct further analysis on the proposed changes to determine if and when the service modifications will be implemented.

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32 thoughts on “Bus service changes suspended

  1. So Metro took down the bus stop signs for the 550 and 305 (at least on San Vicente), put up temporary paper signs and the rain took those down. Will the 550 and 305 signs be replaced until they lines really do change? Right now the signage is utterly deceptive. What a mess!

  2. why is the 305 being eliminated? it’s the only bus that goes to rimpau terminal from where i live instead of dropping off on crenshaw and pico and taking another bus! :(

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