Videos from The Source's Expo preview

Steve grabbed this first clip from the cab of our train, which was proceeding south-west from Jefferson/USC station to Expo Park/USC station via the Figueroa underpass.

This second clip shows the train flying through the 1.6 miles from Western station to Crenshaw station.


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  1. I can’t wait to ride this train on it’s gran opening! I love the way the train is looking. Me and my girlfriend bike along the side of this trail rail by USC. Looking good.😀


  2. Cool video, although it seems like it could safely go faster through the underpass. Those curves are very gentle not to mention the straight parts. The red line after all does not need to slow down very much on curves. Maybe this is just because of testing, although I see a sign for 25 mph which is pretty slow and only 35 for the straight shot after the curve. I think 35 and 45 respectively would make more sense.


  3. Viewing the second video clip:

    For some reason, nobody deemed it necessary or feasible to install gates at the Rodeo Blvd. crossing where it separates from Exposition Blvd.


  4. We can hardly wait because this Metro Duo has split residency — she’s off the Gold Line in Pasadena and he’s off the soon to opened Expo Line.

    Until Expo Line opens, we recommend the using the Rapid 10 Big Blue Bus to get to West Side (Santa Monica system — she takes Gold Line to Union Station, then out the front entrance to the bus on Alameda)… About an hour and a quarter from Pasadena to Pico/Bundy (35 mins. from Union Station). Not bad, but Blue Bus is meant for commuters so stops running after about 8 p.m. (much worse than Metro’s midnight curfew!)


  5. @Connor Gilliland:

    The tightest curves on the Metro Red & Purple Lines have radii of 900 feet and trains are limited to 40 mph on these curves.

    The Expo Line trench, however, features a much tighter curve with a radius of ~340 feet. Quick calculations confirm that 25 mph is in fact the maximum speed that can be posted for that curve.


  6. @ Morris

    I second your notion that the Rodeo/Exposition “split” needs gates. In my visits to the area to see what has been built, I found that grade crossing to be somewhat confusing and a potential hazard for trains.

    Having a gate will emphasize who needs to stop at that intersection.

    Any considerations of this Carter?