Videos from The Source's Expo preview

Steve grabbed this first clip from the cab of our train, which was proceeding south-west from Jefferson/USC station to Expo Park/USC station via the Figueroa underpass.

This second clip shows the train flying through the 1.6 miles from Western station to Crenshaw station.


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  1. With the second video, the trains definitely get going in the ROW and its good that they don’t slow down constantly at grade crossings like the blue line does (why metro still has not upgraded the blue line crossings to the standards of the other LRT lines is beyond me).

    I still don’t get why CPUC limits the trains though to 55 mph. I mean, it is a decent speed for urban transit but we have large commuter trains that cross at up to 80 mph and those are much larger trains with much longer stopping distance. So it does not seem unreasonable to at least allow a smaller and lighter LRT train to go up to 65 mph when in RR row.


    • Luis,

      Just a test train. Opening will be sometime towards the beginning of 2012.

      Carter Rubin
      Contributor, The Source


  2. I love the second clip and I love how the train travels at a FASTER SPEED and doesn’t stop until Crenshaw… Please consider having Express Trains with limited stop service between Culver City/westside to Downtown LA(Ex: From Culver City station stop at La Cienega, LA Brea, skip Farmdale, stop at Crenshaw, skip Western, stop at Vermont, skip Expo Park, then stop at Jefferson/USC, skip 23rd st, then stop at Pico and terminus at 7th st Metro Center in downtown LA) this would be great, shorter travel and commute times!!! Go Expo!!! By the way when is the line supposed to open?? Is this line in service NOW??? If so I would be surprised… Thanks