What happened to the subway on Monday?

A few readers have asked about the nearly hour-long delays on the subway on Monday afternoon and early evening.

There were two issues: first, at about 4:30 p.m., there was an issue with a switch not working properly near Union Station that had to be verified and fixed.

Then, at 7:30 p.m, there was a medical emergency on a subway train at Union Station, which interfered with trains getting back on schedule.

Obviously, these are very busy hours for the subway, particularly at Union Station with its connections to Metrolink, Amtrak, the Gold Line and many bus routes. We hope folks weren’t too inconvenienced by the delays.

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  1. All good comments here.
    At the very least, Metro should have had a representative with a walkie-talkie on each of the affected downtown platforms to answer questions.

    When I decided the Red Line at Union Station wasn’t worth the hassle (I can get home by buses), I went upstairs to ask a question. Customer Service was closed. Customer Relations was closed. Only person around was a Metro security officer with a dog who couldn’t have cared less.

    Really, Metro, having boots on the ground and walkie-talkies is basic disaster control.


  2. I agree. The font on the info tickers at Union Station was too tiny and only in English (so no help to those on the ground who had difficulty hearing all the instructions as it was with those distorted speakers). Shame on the two old white shirted Fare Inspectors on duty. They laughed, shook their heads, and shrugged, saying they weren’t Metro employees. I waited and waited, then was told to get off the Red Line and catch a bus, but no one was on scene to direct us to which bus. DASH D to B to 7th & Metro, but we had to pay another fare because DASH doesn’t take TAP. Couldn’t get any cell/internet reception inside. Once I did cell/wifi outside, no info on Metro website. Then got to 7th & Metro where there were too many people pushing and shoving very hard, so I caught the Purple Line from 7th and Metro back to Union Sta so I had a chance to be first on the train there. Finally got to Van Nuys at 8:00 after leaving at 4:15 from DTLA.

    You need a better plan. There was a lady in a wheelchair who could barely speak by blowing in a tube and no one was guiding her or helping her read the signs. What if it were an earthquake or terror alert?