To repeat: the Crenshaw/LAX Line final environmental document has been released

In case you missed our earlier post, here’s the news release about the release Wednesday of the Final Environmental Impact Statement/Report for the Crenshaw/LAX Line, a key Measure R transit project.

The entire document can be viewed online — here’s the link. It’s long, as these reports always are.

The Metro Board of Directors are scheduled to vote on the document at their Sept. 22 meeting. The big issues concerning the project that the Board still must decide are these:

•Whether to build a below grade separation at La Brea.

•Whether to build the rail line below grade between its northern terminus at Exposition Boulevard and 39th Street due to potential impacts with traffic and property in that area. The above rendering shows what the transfer would look like between the Expo and Crenshaw lines under this scenario.

•Whether to the the rail line in a partially covered trench adjacent to the south runways for Los Angeles International Airport, as is requested by the Federal Aviation Administration for safety reasons. The partially covered trench is an interim solution — a fully covered trench could be built when funding becomes available.

*Whether to build a maintenance facility for the line near LAX — at Arbor Vitae and Bellanca. The Board of Directors approved the location earlier this year, but now must formally incorporate the site into the project.

Finally, the Board must vote to certify the document under California environmental law. In addition, the document must be approved by the Federal Transit Administration under national environmental law. If all these approvals occur, then the project could reach the construction stage by summer 2013.


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