Farmers Field study will include look at public transit in the area

Click above to enlarge. The football stadium would be just west of Staples Center (the round building). The Blue Line station at Pico/Flower is noted by the blue marker in the lower center of the photo. Credit: Google Maps.

As many of you know, the City Council today approved a Memorandum of Understanding with AEG to build a new football stadium, new convention hall space and two parking garages adjacent to Staples Center.

The good news for public transportation is that if indeed the stadium gets built — and it’s contingent on an NFL team agreeing to relocate to Los Angeles — there is plenty of public transportation nearby.

The present Blue Line station at Flower and Pico is a short walk from Staples Center, L.A. Live and the proposed location for the football station. as are many bus lines, including the Silver Line. It should also be noted that the Expo Line will stop at that Blue Line station, as well as future Regional Connector trains that will make it possible to board a train there and travel to Long Beach, Santa Monica, East Los Angeles and Azusa when the Connector, Expo Line Phase II and Gold Line Foothill Extension are built.

The Red/Purple Line subway station is about a .6-mile walk, with connections to Union Station (connections with Metrolink and Amtrak), North Hollywood and — hopefully within the decade — Westwood.

Metro staffers tell me that they’re coordinating with the city of Los Angeles and the stadium sponsors in the evaluation of the project; transportation needs will be studied as part of the stadium’s environmental impact report.

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  1. I think that the more people you attract to the South Park/LA Live area, the worse street-running light rail sounds. There’s the potential of having a “critical mass” of pedestrians and cars in the area which could conceivably interfere with rail operations. Ideally, I’d like to see them move the Blue Line tracks underground, at least to Venice Blvd, and build a new Pico station with wider platforms.


  2. @Robb
    I completely agree. The pico station was built and designed at a time when there was much less activity in the area. Already there is no signal preemption there, which results in slower less efficient operations. Its about time Metro starts considering a grade separation for that station, if not all the way to Washington station, which would be ideal.


  3. I went to LA Live via the blue-line. I left the entertainment complex around 10 pm and felt safe. I would only recommend to Metro have more lighting around the Pico Station and LA Live complex.

    Even-though there are things that would like MTA to fixed in the blue-line, I recommend people to take the blue-line to LA Live or downtown LA.