Art for the Expo Line: first art panels installed!

The first art panels by Robbert Flick are installed at Expo Park/USC Station.

The first art panels were installed today at Expo Park/USC Station, marking a major milestone for the Expo Line. Installation of the 24 art panels will continue over the weekend. If you’re at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books at USC this weekend you might be able to get a sneak peak!

There are several photos after the jump. More will follow in the coming weeks as artwork arrives at the remaining stations.


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20 replies

  1. Art looks great! I just had a thought that the color of the station is very UCLA blue. I guess thats just the bruin in me talkin.


  2. oh that’s great! i love checking out the artwork at various metro stops, i always enjoy that while waiting on the train, i’m very excited about the expo line getting so close to completion!


  3. I like the color! It suggests a branch of the Blue Line, which it is.

    And USC won’t be the only destination. The aqua blue ocean will be another destination when Phase 2 finishes.

    Tokyo built 12 subway lines, each with a unique color.


  4. Great artwork, but the business person within me says sarcastically, “ok, how much Metro spent on this artwork which doesn’t earn a single cent of revenue when they could’ve used the same amount of money to put in a soda vending machine instead which actually brings in additional revenue?”


  5. @Y Fukuzawa: The only thing is that the trains don’t allow eating or drinking so installing a soda machine is a bit counterintuitive.